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High-Quality Tailoring and Alterations

for Men and Women.

Suits Jacket

sleeves; shorten/lengthen

shorten from shoulder

Take in let out side seams

Narrow shoulders

Replacing lining

Shorten length


Shorten sleeves with cuffs

Shorten, lengthen sleeves

Shorten sleeves from armhole

Take in sides

Narrow shoulders

Shorten hem

Re-stitch buttons


Shorten, lengthen hem

Shorten, lengthen with tape

Take in, let out

New zip

Taper legs

Drop waistline

taper waist jeans

jeans shortening with original hem


shorten dresses

Take up shoulders

taper sides/back seam

Shorten evening dress

Taper corseted dresses

Take up straps/ shoulders


Shorten, lengthen hem

Shorten hem pleated from

Let out, take in from

Replace lining

New zip


All Work Is Done In-House

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